Sweater Weather

IMG_1029It’s been so warm and sunny lately, but these past few days have just been gloomy and gross and overcast. It’s gotten kind of cold too, at least cold for summer. If this was winter, we would all be out in  t-shirts. We’ve totally taken advantage of this cold weather though, because it means lots of sweaters and leggings and fall clothes, even if we’re just lounging inside most of the day.


IMG_1015Paislee’s super adorable sweater is from Woodland Pines on Etsy. It’s actually mine, but I hardly ever have a chance to wear it because my friends always are! I guess that’s what happens when you share clothes with three other people though. I love the light nordic pattern though, and it’s perfect for any rainy of cold day. You can barely see it, but underneath the sweater Paislee has on a gray tank top with white polka dots from Our Generation. The jeggings and boots are from American Girl (of course). The jeggings are the most comfortable things ever, and the boots are as well. They’re both super cute yet super comfortable pieces. Don’t you just love clothes like that?! IMG_1067The boots look kind of like modern combat boots(ish), but are actually a vintage pair from the 1800s Evie found at a thrift shop. Seriously, they look modern though, it’s hard to tell they’re almost 200 years old.



Despite the all of a sudden gross weather, we’ve still been having so much fun here. I can’t believe school is starting so soon. :( I’m sad, but at the same time I’m super excited! :) The four of us have already started counting down the days until we’ll be able to come back here next year. Especially Paislee and Hazel, who love the lake and any sort of water sport.


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