Summer Sun

Now that’s schools been out for awhile, my friends and I have been having just the best time up at Paislee’s cabin. My parents and sister are coming soon because we rented a cabin for July and the first week of August. Its not the same without Amberly, Izzy, and Sam, but it’s still so much fun! Ugh, why can’t we stay here forever where we can just eat ice cream and read and swim all day long instead of school?

The other day the four of us went to Paislee’s favorite creamery in town. Saying they make amazing ice cream is an understatement. Evie was quite proud of her outfit and insisted we get photos for the blog.


IMG_6350Evie’s top is one I made way back when I actually enjoyed sewing. Its too bad I lost interest because I could’ve made my friends and me tons of cool clothes. Oh well. The shorts, compass/watch, and shoes are from American Girl. The shorts have a few patches which may make them sound old and beat up, but they’re seriously my favorite things ever. Perfect for hiking, hanging out, anything really. Evie only recently started wearing this compass watch thingy. Paislee gave this one to her and its like her new favorite thing ever. She says it comes in handy when figuring out which direction she is going. Evie is really the adventurer type though, so kinda odd seeing her wear it. My favorite part of this outfit has to be the sandals though. I’m normally not a huge fan of clothes with fringe, or anything similar, but the shoes are just too cute!



IMG_6404Close-up of the compass/watch thingy. Super cute though, right?


IMG_6408And of course close-ups of the shoes and shorts. See what I mean when I say these shoes are the cutest?



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