Strawberry Smoothies and Pink Skirts

School starts in just over a week, so we’ve been savoring the last of our time here. Lucky for us, the weather has been great too, which means lots of ice cream and smoothies and other summery treats. The other day I just had the best strawberry smoothie, and it just happened to match perfectly with my pink and white chevron skirt and floral top.


IMG_0900I’ve featured this skirt on here before, and I cannot tell you how much I love it. It’s just a simple pink and white chevron pattern, but it looks great and the colors are so vibrant. Pink is one of my favorite colors (if you couldn’t tell ;) ) I bought it a few years ago from a closed Etsy shop called Elegant Basics. The top is another one of my favorites. I love the lace at the neckline and the flower print. It’s just the perfect coloring too. The top is from Our Generation.

IMG_0920IMG_0914The blue shows with the sparkly bows are from American Girl. They’re another favorite of mine. Scratch that, everything I’m wearing are some of my favorite pieces. I have no clue where the Eiffel Tower necklace is from because it was a gift. I love all the little jewels. IMG_0933


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