Spring Break

A few weeks ago I got to go back home to California for spring break! Amberly was at Disneyland so she stopped for awhile and we got my sister to take photos of us. We didn’t get many though because my camera ended up dying and I forgot to bring my charger… oops!

IMG_5169Here I’m wearing this adorable white sundress that I bought from a local boutique. I love all the details on the dress. It’s perfect for spring and summer. It’s also perfect for going to the beach!

IMG_5163I love these sandals, too .They’re actually Hazel’s but she let me borrow them because she went skiing for spring break. I think they’re my new fvaorite shoes though. Not only are they super cute, but they’re also pretty comfortable. I believe that they are fromĀ American Girl.


IMG_5175Amberly’s striped romper is also from American Girl. This romper is one of my fvaorite pieces. I’ve always thought it looked better on Amberly than on me though. She was also wearing a pair of super cute red espadrilles but my camera died before we could get a photo. :(


IMG_5178Writing this made me super excited for summer when I can wear dresses and rompers every day instead of sweaters and leggings. Even though it’s pretty warm by the school, we’re in the mountains so it’s still really chilly. Do you have any fun plans for summer?


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