Spring is in the Air

The weather’s been kind of weird here lately, but luckily I was able to get some photos with Paislee while it was still sunny. Summer is coming up really soon though which I’m so excited for! The sad thing is is that Sam is leaving and both Izzy and Amberly might too. :(


IMG_5402Paislee’s adorable blue and white plaid dress is from American Girl along with the shoes. Her red cardigan is from Our Generation. Isn’t her outfit just the cutest? It reminds me of something you would wear for the Fourth of July. Nevertheless, her outfit is adorable. Izzy did her hair also and it looks so pretty! Don’t you agree?


IMG_5406And here’s a closeup on the dress and shoes. I really love the bow on the dress. Usually when you see bows on clothing it looks kind of childish, but I don’t think it looks childish at all on this dress.


IMG_5409Paislee wore this super cute mint green bow in her hair as well. it didn’t necessarily match the rest of her outfit, but it looks really nice with her eye color. Also, look at how curly her hair is! I wish I had curls like those!



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