School’s Out!

Yesterday, we finally got out of school! The sad news is that Amberly, Izzy, and Sam are all leaving and had to bail on their plans to come up to the lake. So now it will just be me, Evie, Paislee, and Hazel. I’m gonna miss the other girls, especially since Amberly and Izzy have been my best friends since we first started school here. But oh well, I still have my other friends too. And… it’s summer! No more school, homework, or drama with our other classmates for nearly three months.

So anyways, on the day before school got out (so Thursday) our seventh grade class went into town for the day. We got ice cream then saw a movie and went shopping. It was a lot of fun, especially since we barely ever have time to leave school. On weekends we can, but even then we get so much homework. Evie and I took some photos before hand because she put together a super cute outfit.


IMG_5826Seriously though, isn’t her outfit just the cutest? It’s not really my style though so I would never wear it. Still, Evie’s got great fashion sense. Her top is from CircleCSewing on etsy. I really love the pattern. I wish I had it in like a t-shirt or something because I’m not really one to wear crop tops. Anyways, the burgundy skirt she’s wearing is from Woodland pines on etsy. I swear, no matter how many times I look I can’t find her shop anymore. They had the absolute cutest clothing. This skirt is proof. We also have a knit sweater from there. It’s the perfect things for Winter and Fall, especially when we’re just lounging around the dorm. The bracelet she is wearing was made by Paislee with fake pearls. Paislee gave it to her for her birthday as a friendship bracelet. Both the bag and the shoes are from American Girl. I really like how she added the shoes with the scrunched up socks. It kind of gives the outfit a vintage twist.

IMG_5829The pattern on her purse is just the cutest!


IMG_5831Some more closeups, of course. Evie said that she thought her bow was from Forever 21, but she couldn’t quite remember.


IMG_5845And one last cheer for school being out!

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