Hello, I’m Rose Winters, the owner and author of Elegant Mint! I am from San Marcos which is a town near San Diego in California. My birthday is January 24, 2002 and I’m thirteen years old. I have a little sister who is ten years old and her name is Margaret but everyone calls her Kit. While I’m here at school, Kit is back in California with our parents. Kit doesn’t have any plans to ever go to boarding school because she thinks it would be scary to live and go to school away from home. Lucky for me though, my parents love to ski so a few times a year during the winter they come out to visit and we go skiing together.

A few of my favorite things in the whole wide world are reading, writing, dance, and fashion. Ever since I can remember I’ve loved books. My favorite books are Harry Potter, The Lunar Chronicles, The Infernal Devices, and throne of Glass, which, yes I know, is a lot! Just gonna say, my Hogwarts house is totally Ravelclaw. Ravenclaw pride! My dream job is to become an author and write YA (young adult) fiction. I do ballet, jazz, and contemporary, though ballet has and always will be my favorite style of dance. It’s also the style I’m best at. I’ve always wanted to visit Paris. In fact, I would love to travel all over Europe and hope to once I’m in/graduated from college. The only countries I’ve been to outside of the U.S. are Canada and Costa Rica but as I get older my family continues to travel more and more. Next I hope I get to go somewhere in Europe.And of course if you couldn’t tell by this blog, I love fashion. When I was younger I wanted to become a fashion designer but not so much anymore, I still love fashion and clothes though.

My style is best described as very feminine and girly. I love to wear dresses and skirts and pretty cardigans. My wardrobe mainly consists of sundresses, skirts, sweaters, and dance clothes. In the winter I will wear sweaters with mostly leggings. I hate jeans and khakis and all those types of things.