Ready for an Adventure

Sadly, but not too sad, school started recently and we are no longer at the cabin. I still have so many photos I haven’t yet shared from the trip though, so I’m getting on that right now! This year, since we’re in a different grade, our rooms are in a different spot so we have much better places to take photos. I was sick of that ugly rocky background that you all saw this past winter/spring.

img_1408Hazel’s tribal print leggings and compass necklace make for the perfect adventuring outfit. Now, she just needs the proper shoes and a backpack! I said this to Hazel and then she told me that this outfit gave her a serious case of wanderlust, especially after I mentioned this to her. The leggings are from The Elegant Doll. They actually used to be mine, but I never wore them, so I let Hazel have them. They definitely are not the easiest piece to pair, but they look super cute when you find the perfect ensemble. You’ve seen the burgundy shirt on here many times before though. ;) It’s from Lori Liz Girls and Dolls! While the leggings may be a tough piece to pair, this top definitely isn’t. It goes along with just about anything!

img_1412img_1410The shoes and jewelry are all from American Girl. I love these shoes so much, they go with just about anything! I also love the little butterfly earrings. Aren’t they adorable?

img_1423We’re all sad summer is over, for sure, but also super excited now that school has started! We go to a boarding school meaning we basically live with each other. My roommate this year is going to be Paislee, which will be so much fun! Who else has started school? Are you as excited as me?


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