Happy Ravenclaw pride day! I’m currently making my way through the Harry Potter books so I thought it would be fitting to post something for Ravenclaw pride day. What Hogwarts house are you in?

IMG_5036I know I’m only wearing a blue jacket and blue shoes, but it’s better than no blue, right? Anyways this denim jacket is from This Too Designs on Etsy but, sadly, I think she closed her shop down. Everything else is from¬†American Girl¬†though. As you can see, my friends and I do a lot of our shopping at American Girl. It’s hard to see but on the shirt is a ballerina design! I love this headband, too. Not only is it super cure, but it’s also really comfortable!


IMG_5030A closeup of both the headband and shoes.

IMG_5033You can see the design on the shirt a bit better in this picture, but not much. The floral design on the pocket though of this jean jacket is my favorite! I even have a pair of shorts in the same pattern.


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