Rain, Rain Go Away

The weather lately has been on and off. It will rain for a few days and then be 80°. Oh well. School is almost out though (only two more weeks) and then I will be going to Paislee’s cabin. My parents are renting a cabin for two and a half months up there! I will be at Paislee’s for a few days with my friends before we get our cabin. Evie and her family is staying there all summer with Paislee and Hazel’s family might rent a cabin for a bit, too. Isn’t that just the best? My other friends, Sam, Izzy, and Amberly won’t be coming though. They are also leaving the school, which makes me really sad. IMG_5609So yes, the other day when it was raining Hazel insisted we took photos. Her favorite type of weather is rain and she’s always told us she wished it rained more often back where she lives. I for one like the rain, but I don’t love it. My favorite weather is definitely snow! IMG_5586 IMG_5596 IMG_5606Hazel’s whole outfit is from American Girl. I really love all the bright colors, especially how they look in the rain. Thanks to hazel, I now know that photos taken in the rain definitely look the best. It really brings out all the color. Maybe that’s why Hazel insisted we go and take photos when it was raining. Her outfit is perfect for Summer, even though it’s still kind of Spring. Hazel is always wearing bright colors. I wear lots of color, but not bright like she does. The bright colors really suit her though, and her bright personality! IMG_5583Here’s a closeup of her headband. It’s simple, but I really like it. Hazel has a lot of headbands that I’m going to have to steal from her this summer. IMG_5585And these earrings, too! Hazel seriously has the cutest accessories for all her outfits. These earrings have to be one of my new favorite clothing pieces. The detail on them is lovely. IMG_5591One last photo, of course! Hazel usually styles her hair up when we take photos, but it looks really good when she wears it down. I’d have to be lying to say that I’m totally jealous of her hair. Mine is thick and always messy, but Hazel’s is about as close to perfect as you can get.

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