IMG_5396Aloha, I’m Paislee Caroline Abbott. My birthday is August 12, 2002 and I am thirteen years old. Here’s a fun fact: Evie and I share the same birthday, which is crazy because the two of us are best friends! Crazy, right? Anyways I’m from Canada. Calgary, Alberta to be exact. My parents have a cabin in Montana where we spend our summers. It’s on a beautiful lake near Glacier National Park and isn’t too far from home, too. I mean it takes a few hours but it’s not as bad as the drive from the school to our cabin or back home. I have an older brother who is nineteen and is in college. He lives pretty far away so I don’t get to see him often. I also have an older sister who is sixteen. She lives at home with Mom and Dad though.

I’m a very competitive swimmer. I hope to be in the olympics someday for swimming. Along with swimming, I love waterskiing, wakeboarding, kayaking, and paddle boarding which is what I spend most of my summers doing. Swimming will always be my favorite though. I guess I’m just a water person. My parents always joke that I’m their little fish. When I grow up I first want to compete in the olympics. After that I want to become a swim coach for swimmers who are as serious about it as I am!

I don’t know how I would describe my style. I kind of just wear whatever I feel like it. Sometimes I’ll dress up all cute and nice but others times I’m fine with wearing sweats and a loose sweater. It all depends on the day, I guess.