Meet Hazel!

a few days ago Isabelle was in Arizona to visit her cousin, Hazel. Hazel had wanted to come to the school since Isabelle had and her parents finally let her. So everyone meet Hazel Lea Clark!


ae7bf638-56ca-49bb-beab-d68599629c98Bright colors look really good on Hazel, don’t you think? I especially love all the yellow on the shirt, bag, earrings, and headband. Pops of yellow like that definitely suit Hazel. Anyways most of her outfit is from American Girl with the exception of the skirt which is from Woodland Pines on etsy though overtime I search for her shop I can’t find it so I think she closed it. The butterfly shirt is probably my favorite piece in her outfit but the whole ensemble is super cute.


unnamed-3Here’s a closeup of her earrings and bag. Both are adorable! Like mentioned before, I love all the bright colors. I’ll probably end up borrowing those earrings from here sometime because i just love them that much.

unnamed-1And of course I had to share a photo of Hazel’s cat, Gracie, with you. She’s a Himalayan cat and is the cutest thing in the world! I’ve always wanted a cat but my parents would never let me have one but luckily Hazel has one.



Lastly we got a few more photos of her in this adorable purple vest from American Girl and a cheetah print top from La Poupuee Bijoux on Etsy, another shop that has, sadly, closed down. Hazel’s hair looks really pretty when it’s down. Well, her hair always looks pretty. I love the color!


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