Flowers and Feathers

Recently we planted some flowers in some tree stumps back in our yard, and they look so good! I love flowers. I mean, I don’t like gardening or anything, but I love looking at and photographing flowers. Especially the really bright and summery ones, like the flowers we planted at our cabin. With the sun out this morning, I just had to go outside to take photos, and Hazel was wearing a super cute new outfit, so I photographed her. The photos came out super bright and vibrant and look pretty good (in my opinion). They have a very summery feel to them.



Hazel’s shirt was a custom order from a now closed Etsy shop called La Poupee Bijoux. It’s one of my favorites, and every time I photograph an outfit with this shirt, the photos come out super bright and vibrant, so I just love photographing it. The feather design is also super adorable, and it matches perfectly with these shorts and sandals fromĀ American Girl. Hazel’s cat, Gracie, kept following her outside, so we featured her in a few photos as well. I’ve always wanted a cat, and am super jealous of Hazel. Gracie is just the most perfect cat ever, and look at how cute she is!


These purple flowers are probably my favorite. We planted lots of pretty flowers, but purple is my favorite color, and I just love these little flowers.


IMG_8743I also love these little pink flowers, but the purple ones are still my favorite. Hazel loved these pink ones especially though, so I got a few shots of her with these ones.



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