Birthday Celebrations



Yesterday was Paislee and Evie’s birthday! They share a birthday, which is funny because they’re the best of friends. Their parents took the four of us all out for a fancy dinner to celebrate and it was so much fun. We got all dressed up in our summery dresses and did our hair. It’s not often that the four of us do something like this, so we take total advantage of it and have the best time coming up with outfits and hair and jewelry.

IMG_9294First is Evie wearing this adorable blue dress from American Girl. I absolutely love all the detail and embroidery, especially on the hem. In the back, it ties with a bow. Evie was worried it would make her look childish, but I absolutely love this dress, and we were able to persuade her otherwise. Her shoes are also from American Girl. She just got them for her birthday, and I’m already waiting for a time to steal them from her. Purple is my favorite, and the bows are just the cutest! Evie is also wearing a bead bracelet Paislee made for her awhile ago.

IMG_9280And of course, the other birthday girl! Paislee’s dress and shoes are also from American Girl. The dress is one of my favorites, with the dark blue top and then the plaid skirt. My favorite part is the bow though. Normally I don’t like bows on dresses and shirts because they’re always super big and obnoxious, but this one isn’t. I also love her shoes, with the bright blue color and glittery polka dots they’re perfect for any outfit, in my opinion.

IMG_9318Isn’t Hazel’s outfit just the cutest and perfect for summer? The dress, one of my personal favorites with all the details, is from a boutique near our school. It also ties in the back like Evie’s dress. Seriously, the detailing at the top and the ruffles and lace make for the perfect summery dress. The shoes and earrings are both from American Girl. The earrings are probably my favorite earrings. I love the bright colors! And the shoes are also perfect for summer. The light pink looks great with the rest of her outfit.

IMG_9332My dress and shoe are from American Girl as well. The dress is vintage from the 1930s, and it’s one of my favorites. The collar and the belt are the perfect finishing touches wish the bright summery flowers. I’m not normally a huge yellow fan either (probably my least favorite color) but the shade on this dress works really well. The shoes are a similar light pink color as hazel’s, but with red toes and little bows. I love the red added with the pink.

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